Limnology Laboratory

Limnology Laboratory

Group members:  Dr. Brian Reid and Luis Uribe.

Within the line of research L1 “Aquatic Systems,” different projects are developed for the study of fresh water systems in the Aysen Region.

Completed Analyses:

  • Dissolved silica
  • Nutrients: NOx, SRP, TP, DOP, DON, NH4
  • Conductance-specific pH
  • Suspended sediments, CN
  • Periphyton biomass (AFDM), Chla, CHN, identification of Didymosphenia
  • geminata – Auto-analyses of particulates and phytoplankton (Flow-Cam)
  • Under development: Radon and Thoron in water (RAD 7)
  • Residence time of subterranean waters
  • Analyses of terrain
  • Metabolism in rivers