Archaeology and Heritage

Archaeology and Heritage

Archaeology and Heritage

Develop research on the mutual effects that human beings and climate change generate in different spatial and temporal scales. They study the high points of occupation and the periods of desertion, the large-scale mobility of hunters and gatherers, and the emergence of relatively closed systems, the role of biogeographical barriers and the interaction between local native groups and immigrant livestock producers.  The knowledge produced by this area of scientific research serves as a base for elaborating the narratives that enrich the understanding of material regional heritage. 

This line of work has been organized into three thematic lines:

(a) “Prehistory and Natural Heritage Education”, (b) “Human paleoecology”, (c) “Evolution of rural landscapes”.

a) Thematic line “Prehistory and Natural Heritage Education”.

Objective(s):  i) To systematically register prehistoric presence in diverse environments and geographical zones in the Aysen Region; ii) coordinate actions for protecting the natural heritage; iii) to generate an active link with cultural agents of the community in order to promote the regional archaeology.

Person in charge:  Dr. Francisco Mena

b) Thematic line “Human Paleoecology”.

Objective(s):  i) To evaluate the links between human dynamics and environmental ones across the Holocene in the steppe and the forest-steppe transition areas of Aysen through the integration of archaeologic data and environment records; ii) to document the antiquity of the human presence in the region and the evolution of the archaeologic trajectories during the Holocene.

Person in charge:  Dr. César Méndez

c) Thematic line “Evolution of the rural landscape”.

Objective(s):  i) To evaluate the evolution of the recent population of Aysen in its archaeologic context; ii) to study the relationships between different historic agents recognizing their roles in the trajectories of occupied space.

Person in charge:  Dr. Amalia Nuevo Delaunay


Expected Results

Prehistory and Natural Heritage Education:

Continuous determination/documentation/monitoring of the regional archaeological registry to encourage the valuing and knowledge of the natural heritage and to prevent its destruction.

Human Paleoecology:

The determination of the links between the trajectories of human occupation and the evolution of ecosystems of the forest-steppe transition of Aysen.

Evolution of the Rural Landscape:

The determination of the recent trajectories of human occupation of Aysen based on their points of origin.

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