Terrestrial Ecosystems

Terrestrial Ecosystems


To generate basic and applied knowledge of the ecological processes that control the state of conservation and the dynamics of the natural terrestrial resources of the Aysen Region.  The studies are particularly centered on revealing the effects of natural disturbances (i.e. outbreak of insect pests, volcanism), and of man-caused ones (i.e., fires, climatic change, over-exploitation) in the vegetal species, in the forests and in land areas of different spatial scales.

Areas of Study

  • Distribution and growing strategies of vegetal species
  • Dynamics of the pristine and / or degraded forests
  • Effects of climate change on the performance of arboreal species
  • Carbon balance in arboreal species
  • Changes in the properties and processes of ecosystems affected by fires
  • Spatial-temporal dynamics of post mega-fire landscapes.
  • Ecosistemas Terrestres